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Yan Tsacpounidis

London Marathon 2018



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Hello and thanks for visiting my fundraising page.

This Sunday - 22nd April 2018 - I will be running the London Marathon for Harrison’s Fund a leading charity for Duchenne research. In 2014 Theo and Oskar, my old school friend Nick’s boys were both diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is a fatal muscle-wasting condition that affects 1 in 3,500 live male births worldwide with 2,500 children with Duchenne living in the UK. The condition has a catastrophic prognosis as there is currently no cure. A child born with Duchenne will initially develop as other children would. Cruelly, Duchenne usually allows the child to achieve physical milestones until they are around four years of age, at which point their muscles will begin to waste away.

By the time they are around 12 years old, they will need to use a wheelchair full time as their legs won’t support them any longer. Eventually, their respiratory muscles will fail and they will need a ventilator to breathe. Usually, young people, and often children, will die from heart or respiratory failure and the average life expectancy is just 25 years.

Harrison’s Fund is here to change the landscape of Duchenne. They only put money into research which they believe will see the fastest results and the biggest impact. They aim to fund projects which will bring potential treatments out of the labs and into human clinical trials. Their research, powered by your fundraising will get scientists closer to a cure. In the short term, they are funding treatments to slow the progression of Duchenne. Help them fund research into better treatments, so their children can have a life past childhood.

Please give as much as you can,

Thanks so much,