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What is Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy? This incurable genetic disorder affects children around the world with 2500 children being affected in the UK. Most children with Duchenne are boys and only around 1% are girls. It's a stinker of a disease. Children affected by this illness can't produce dystrophin, a protein needed need to build muscle tissue. As a result, the muscles in the body deteriorate. Most children are unable to stand or walk by the age of 12 and will die in their late teens or early twenties. One in every 3,500 boys are born with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Currently there is no cure but scientists are hopeful that they are close to a breakthrough. Harrison's Fund raises money to support clinical research in to finding a cure. A member of The Alive & Kickin‘ Community Choir in Brecon had two nephews affected by this fatal disease. This was such a terrible blow that the choir decided they wanted to do something. As choir leader I came up with the idea to write a song for Harrison's Fund (a charity that raises money for clinical research in finding a cure) and donating all the proceeds to them. It wasn't easy. Writing a song about such a sensitive issue was really difficult but after months of heart searching, I hope that this song will be a powerful, life affirming piece of music telling the story of a father who realised what love really is and how deep and unconditional it can be. Music producer and friend, Gary White, recorded my lead vocals in his studio in Abergavenny and then my Alive and Kicking choir singing backing vocals at their rehearsal place, the Muse in Brecon. It sounded great but would it be enough in these days of visual gratification?!! It was decided that a video was needed to promote the song and at the same time raise awareness for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Harrison’s Fund. Over many months the choir collected money but it wasn't quite enough to finish the recording or the video. In April 2017, choir member Clare Wright set off with her husband Michael on an epic 8-day Pedalthon – on land by bike and over Lochs by pedalo – across Scotland. They raised £570 towards the recording and the video, plus an additional £800, that went directly to Harrison’s Fund. Other members held raffles and organised a pub quiz to raise further funds. Finally, in July 2017 choir member Jonathan Morgan made a personal donation of £500 and the project could be finished. I am really proud of this song and a huge thanks to everyone who helped make it possible. 'Lay your Head on Me' is now available for download through Bandcamp  and  you can see the choir and myself singing the song on You Tube. if you would like to make a donation using this Charity Checkout page, we are very, very grateful . We hope to raise awareness and money for Harrison's Fund and in the process, hope you will enjoy listening to our song and watching the video on YouTube. All the money goes to Harrison's Fund. There is a Song4Harrisons Facebook and Twitter page so like and follow to get all the most recent news and information. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: #Song4Harrisons #layyourheadonme

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